Air Suspensions For Horse Trailers

At the end of the day...

Why trade a bucking horse for a bucking trailer

We can't do anything about the bucking horse but we can help with the bucking trailer.

Air Suspensions, Inc. has developed a kit to make rubber torsion axles AIR RIDE. The Model RAR kit is an inexpensive way of giving trailers a smoother ride for long or short trips. If air is not available, the trailer is still cushioned on the rubber torsion suspension.

RAR Model kits bolt to standard rubber torsion axles with capacities from 2.5K to 10K. The kit is ideal for converting existing trailers to air, mounting on new trailers by the trailer manufacturer or mounting on new axles by the axle manufacturer.

It's never been easier to ride on air. The benefits of air have been proven over many years on many types of trailers. Without question... trailers, equipment, animals and drivers enjoy the benefits of air. Now, the RAR makes air affordable.

For the big trailers, Air Suspensions, Inc. also has a complete line of independent wheel, full air ride suspensions with capacities to 14K pounds. Low frame heights, wide interiors and the ability to accommodate 17.5" and 22." wheels make ASI the one to choose for your trailer.

Whatever your requirements are, ASI can help.

Ride Easy... Put Them Both On Air